Sunday, November 1, 2015

Brewery Het Anker (Mechelen)

Here are some pictures from two recent visits to brewery het Anker in Mechelen.
Certainly worth a visit!

One entrance of the brewery is in the historic beguinage of Mechelen (an UNESCO world heritage site, worth a vistit too) 

Here we got a talk about the roots of the brewery and the place of beer in the history of Mechelen.  "Gouden Carolus" refers to Charles V (aka Charles Quint).  He was considered the mightiest man of that age. The emperor grew up in Mechelen, visited it often and liked the beer so much he let it transport to Spain.

The rest of the tour focuses more on the brewing process itself.  There's a moment where you can taste the raw ingredients.

The guided tour also leads you to the roof,  where you can see these amazing sights of Mechelen

Old beer crates

Container deposit was 11 Belgian franks at that time, ~20 eurocents

The brewing process explained...

From 2009 on, het Anker also produces Whisky (Molenberg, Blaasveld).  The first attempt immediately had succes:  they got a silver medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. In

The big lock is from the Belgian government, to ensure excise duties ...

At the end, a selection of some of their delicious beers awaits you!

A few days before I went to a concert over there 

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