Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas beer tasting het Anker

Christmas beer night @ brewery het Anker (Mechelen) presented by Luc De Raedemaeker (

Christmas beers are special beers brewed around this time.  
It was a very interesting evening.  Luc is a great host.  The tasting covered things like the ingredients of beer and the effect on the product, a brief history of beer,  basics of beer tasting and the differences with with wine -tasting and of course the practical beer tasting on this selection.

Presented beers by Luc:

Dobbel Palm (5,7%)

This was given as an introduction / "warming up"

St-Feuillien Christmas (9%)

For me the best beer in this selection.  You should really try this one!

Delirium Chirstmas (10%)

N’Ice Chouffe (10%)

Sint-Bernadus X-mas (10,5%)

Gouden Carolus Christmas (10,5%)

A nice ending of the Ankeravonden in 2014,  curious what 2015 will have in store for us :-)

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