Thursday, November 19, 2015

Veeam Endpoint backup

I tried Veeam Endpoint backup for the first time. It really is a nice product (no, I'm not paid by them).

By default it looks for connected devices.  But naturally, I wanted to store the backup immediately in one of our Veeam repositories.

After creating the right access rights for a user in the repo with Veeam backup and recovery,  connecting to Veeam backup server and a repository on a Windows storage server was as easy as supplying a user name and a password and click two times.

Veeam remains by far the easiest backup product I've worked with.  And the unlimited free (as in beer) Endpoint licenses makes it only better value.

The backupped drives can be exported as virtual disks for VMware or Hyper-V.  Ideal to experiment.  Going to try this in a few days.

Can't wait for the new free backup agent for Linux.

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