Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Veeam application-aware image processing

We had Veeam installed by a partner today.

It gave us a kickstart as I don't have that much time on my hand these days.  This by no means will hold us back to maximize our investment :-)

The consultant has disabled AAIP (Application Aware Image Processing) because the VM's we need to backup can't be reached by the Veeam software or vCenter over the network.

The documentation states

To create a transactionally consistent backup of a VM running VSS-aware applications (such as Active Directory, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint) without shutting them down, Veeam Backup & Replication uses application-aware image processing. It is Veeam’s proprietary technology that ensures successful VM recovery, as well as proper recovery of all applications installed on the VM without any data loss. Veeam Backup & Replication does not deploy persistent agents inside VMs. Instead, it uses a runtime coordination process on every VM that is started once the backup operation is launched, and removed as soon as it is finished. This helps avoid agent-related drawbacks such as pre-installing, troubleshooting and updating.

What does this "runtime coordination process" need?  Surely it needs a network connection to Veeam Backup server?

I asked this at the Veeam forum and someone pointed me to this very interesting blog entry of Luca Dell'Oca.

To my amazement this can actually be done even without network access thanks to the VMware VIX API.  You need to give the credentials of the "well-known" .\administrator or domain\administrator or disable UAC.  Perhaps this is not for every production environment but it is really cool technology.  I'm going to play a bit with VIX later on for sure...

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