Thursday, April 9, 2015

Plastic Memories -ep 1

When you watch anime, you can't but notice its formulaic nature.   You have the hyped ones and then you have smaller productions, aimed at some group of fans. And every once in a while you get something original.

Plastic Memories is by no means a small production but somehow stayed under my radar. 
The screenplay was written by Naotaka HAYASHI, one of the writers of Steins;Gate.   Direction of episode #1 was done by Yoshiyuki FUJIWARA, who was involved in Attack On Titan.   Those are two of my favorite shows, so I decided to give it a chance.

Giftia are human like robots who have a limited lifespan .  The story deals with a crew that retrieves giftia when their service time expires.    Giftia are very much like us and after his first few assignments a new employee understands this is actually an tough job. 

In my humble opinion, the overall style of the artwork is too "cute" for the seriousness of the topic.  At the moment it's my only criticism.   Some owners got very attached to their giftia and we understand why.  The episode gets quite emotional in a positive (and for me unexpected) way.  It makes you think of lots of things.  What makes us human?  Can robots be used to take care of elderly people?  Euthanasia, loneliness, ...  

I hope the series can maintain  this quality.  

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