Monday, February 9, 2015

the Juniper switch blues

Last year we let some people work on the electricity in our server room.

We shut down our servers and storage arrays.   We just turned off our switches.
Big mistake.  You have to bring down Juniper switches with request system power-off  or you risk corrupt flash disks.  How nice of the people who installed them to mention this (not!)...

So, we had a corrupt flash disk without knowing it for almost a year... :(

We contacted our VAR and the best way to solve this according to them is to reinstall junOS on the device.  

On the positive side,  the switches have an USB port.  You just mount the USB stick with a firmware update and then upgrade from CLI.   The switch runs on FreeBSD by the way

No messing with TFTP or uploads to web user interfaces here... :-)   

The upgrade took > 15 minutes and needs a reboot in the middle of the procedure and one to finalize the upgrade.  Great we have a redundant system :-)

For some reason, the firmware update procedure removes the firmware archive from the stick, annoying if you have to upgrade more switches at once...

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