Friday, January 30, 2015

Visit CentOS Dojo in Brussels

Went to the CentOS dojo in Brussels today with Patrik and Joeri.  This is the second time this event is organized in Brussels, strategically before FOSDEM and the beer night ;-)  

The event was well organized, kudos to the CentOS team, IBM (host) and Redhat.

It was nice to see the progress the CentOS community made. The SIGs (special interest groups) seem to work and I got the feeling this is heading somewhere.

Although "hot" technologies like OpenStack, Ceph, Docker and Atomic Host were presented, to me the award for best presentation should go to "Optimising Xen Deployments for Storage Performance" by Felipe Franciosi.  Well explained!  

I decided to use a lot of proprietary software  in our organization, because for some things OSS alternatives just weren't ready.  But most of the base infrastructure is (and will) remain free software and CentOS is a very important component.  

Nice T-shirt by the way :-)

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