Monday, December 8, 2014

U2 tickets ordering

9 am this morning:  a lot of fans click on the button "Buy your tickets".  They hope to purchase tickets for the U2 gigs in Antwerp on 13-14 October next year.   A lot of them will leave their PC frustrated the next hour.

As an avid concert lover,  I already have a lot of experience (and indeed experienced a lot of frustration) with these online reservation and purchase systems.   I had a wife and 3 computers "at my disposal", took a few hours leave and it was still a close call!  I had a page open with atomic clock time info, so I'm pretty sure I pushed the button at exactly 9.00 am.

The service that handled the U2 sale,   already did a very good thing:  they seperated ordering and payment.  You have a few hours to relax and finalize payment.

A lot of things can go wrong in the payment procedure:

  • a user can accidently press the wrong button by sheer excitement when he finally gets on the purchase page (yep, happened to me once)  
  • a user's credit card or the credit card reader can fail repeatedly (yep also happened to me) 
  • but the most common cause by far are the timeouts caused by saturation of the service.  
Another important source of sorrow is Tomorrowland (here some touting from Paylogic).  They suggest everything went like a breeze in 2012 but I and a lot of other people were kicked out during the payment procedure.  In 2013 and 2014 it was much worse.  You get a message you are in a queue and have to wait. Refreshing means going back to the end of the queue. Then nothing happens...

Today a lot of people complained some required select boxes malfunctioned.  Indeed, I experienced the problem myself.   I think this problem was Chrome -related.  I immediately retried with Firefox and luckily made it back to the ordering page.  The values of the selectbox were now selectable so I could go on with the ordering procedure.

As I understand using this stuff costs you more than €7 per reservation.

Feel free to contribute some tips...  Definitely check out to track your favorite artists.

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