Friday, December 12, 2014

1 year Ebola crisis roundup

With the exception of the Time - Person of the year coverage, it's awfully quiet on the Ebola crisis.  This may give a false sense of relief like we send in the cavalry and now everything is under control and contained over there.

This is simply not true.

Emile Ouamouno died Dec. 6 2013 in Guinea.  The 2 year old child is believed to be the first casualty in the ongoing epidemic (so called patient zero).

The WHO issued a situation report on Dec. 10. So this can serve as a roundup for the first year.

I read somewhere the WHO had set a goal to isolate 100 percent of Ebola cases by Jan. 1.  This goal won't be met.

The WHO also states it will take several months before the outbreak will be under control.  According to Belgian biostatistics  the peak of the epidemic is nowhere near.  The most worrisome country is Sierra Leone,  where reported new cases rise exponentially.

So why did the media stop covering this pandemic like it used to?  Probably because there weren't any new cases in Europe or the U.S.

Meanwhile the tests of the Canadian developed vaccine in Switzerland are put on hold after unexpected side effects in patients.  On the positive side: there were reports that the U.S. vaccine appears to be safe and triggers an immune response.  Obviously a vaccine would turn the odds in our favour.

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